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The Prophecy

They say all good things must end, Autumn leaves must fall and in an age of uncertainty that phrase holds a lot of truths. Unbeknownst to millions of Americans lies in wait a monumental sociological and economic upheaval the likes of which many younger generations have only read about in their history books. The start of this great downward spiral for the worlds most dominate economy really began in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was signed into being. Today, practically everyone knows that the US government has grown in scope and size during the 20th century. Even during the first decade of the 21st century our government has taken on a more imposing presence over the American landscape.

Big government or should we say now “Big Brother” has managed to infiltrate the everyday lives of all Americans. But not too many know how the reach of government has put the American experience on the brink of extinction. Big government emerged from the responses to national and international emergencies and crisis. Government responses to the First World War, the Great Depression of the 1930’s, World War II, and the Cold War are all examples of how our government has managed to increase their presence into virtually every Americans lives and livelihoods. With each instance has led to a host of new federal programs, activities, and functions including the greater acceptance of bigger government that has endured long after each crisis has passed. This has resulted in a new baseline for more bigger government which means more intrusiveness into the lives of ordinary citizens. While this is occurring our government is becoming more resistant to meaningful reform to actually improve our economy. And, offer any measure of reform that would reduce the size and scope of our own government. What we have witnessed for the past 50 years or more is that government is becoming synonymous to “Big Brother” of George Orwell’s novel.

Let’s consider some most startling facts that point the direction the United States is headed. As of today, 2014 close to 80% of the nations public are earning less than $31,000 per year. We also know for a fact that the inflationary trends are only increasing every day. What we pay for goods and services today, tomorrow they cost more. Meanwhile stagnant wages have only increased the number of employed workers inability to keep up with these inflationary times. It is this same 80% of our population that remain living paycheck to paycheck. Practically every American has had to reduce household spending by as much as 45% just to survive within this past year alone. When we talk of individuals entrepreneurial spirit where self employed individuals contribute to the economy less than 7% manage to survive today. That means 93% of working individuals work for someone else. What happens when those jobs cease? That is a real possibility that could happen, real soon.

In an age of growing intrusion of government into individual lives we find that governmental services that are in place to protect and serve our population have been dramatically and systematically reduced to levels that have only exasperated the deteriorating economic conditions already underway right here in the US. What the US government has and is doing is growing in scope but in ways the deter economic growth and in effect encourage a divergence into more intrusiveness because of the many crisis that are playing out on the international stage. Another most startling fact is that back in the early 1970’s when the Food Stamp program was young there were very few that were receiving that government assistance. The ratio was 1 family out of 60 received and qualified for Food Stamps. Today, that ratio is 1 family out of 3 now receive and qualify for Food Stamps. To add insult to injury the Food Stamp allotments have been slashed by more than 50% so that now those people relying of Food Stamps are faced with acute shortages in their ability to procure the necessary food and nutrition to remain healthy. A fact that if people fail to get the necessary daily amount of nutrition and vitamins pose a far greater health risk to the overall population and in the end will result in higher costs that will ultimately come back to further damage our already damaged economy.

With these startling signs of an economic nightmare already upon millions of Americans questions need to be asked with answers forthcoming. How could we let ourselves allow such a scenario that is playing out today develop in the first place? And, how do we stop the deluge of economic and financial turbulence that will turn into catastrophe of epic proportions if we continue on our path of apathy and denial that such a tragedy could never happen, yet again? Is such a prophecy a real possibility for the American experience to wither and die on the vine of lost opportunities that have been allowed to grow in proportion and respect to the size and intrusion of our very own government?
To answer these we have to go back to 1910. The movers and shakers during the fist decade of the 20th century involved key players on the financial front. The house of J.P. Morgan, the Rockefellers, the Mellon’s and across the Atlantic the Rothschilds were all instrumental in bringing about one of the greatest deceptions over the American public. The formation of what is known today as the Federal Reserve. Under the stewardship of Edward Mendall House the power brokers of the time managed to convince members of Congress and President Wilson that in the nations best interest the establishment of a central bank, aka the Federal Reserve, is essential for the growth of the economy of the United States. In reality all the Federal Reserve has done is made these power brokers and their descendents wealthier.

It was only a few years after the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 did President Wilson realize what he did to the country when he signed that Federal Reserve act. In 1919 he wrote ” I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is now controlled by it’s system of credit. We are no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and vote of the majority but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” When President Wilson lamented his profound regret of the passage of the Federal Reserve Act he understood the lasting implications that would result. This statement of his has more truth than we know. The Federal Reserve has only manifested itself into the reality that has dominated the political and social climate ever since.

In 1933 at the height of the Great Depression President Roosevelt in his attempt to offset the financial hardship that was plaguing the country inadvertently or not imposed another mask of disguise over the American public. The government in order to provide the necessary goods and services to alleviate the conditions of the Depression managed to create a commercial bond {a promissory note} by pledging the property, labor, life and body of every American born as payment for the debt. To understand how our government was able to distinguish between it’s citizens and them being a promissory note we have to go even further back to 1871 where the Congress passed the Act of 1871 which set the legality that the United States is actually a corporation.

What this means that ever since the Legislative Act of February 21, 1871 Congress charted a Federal Company entitled “United States Inc. Congress took it upon itself without constitutional authority created a separate form of government for the District of Columbia as our legislative democracy. Ever since 1933 every American born in the United States parents have been unknowingly registering their newborns as property now controlled by a private corporation by law. It has come to pass that every American citizen is now property of the corporation of the United States.

The intrusion of our own government has reached in every Americans pocket and pocketbook. When we realize the deception that is playing out right before our eyes to what elected officials have been doing in the name of national security and stability now at last the prophecy that was foretold of an calamity so vast and so overwhelming is for all practical purposes inevitable. Is their still time to turn the tables? Maybe, or there again maybe not. It is for us every American to decide. And, we had better do it quickly.

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