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The Health Benefits of Sea Water

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The Health Benefits of Sea Water

Kevin: Why don’t we start with just telling everyone a little bit about how you got into this OceanSolution?
John: It’s fortuitous just like the whole journey to get to today, but what happened was my wife was very interested in health food. Her parents died when she was seven and she was raised by her grandparents who were organic farmers and eventually became vegetarians and eventually vegetarian raw foodists. That’s how she was raised and so, whenever possible, she was trying to enlighten me to the health benefits of eating good food and eating raw food and so from time to time we would go to health seminars and this one particular instance it was near Irvington, New York on the Hudson River

Kevin: Sure.
John: And this one particular instance was being given by a naturopath who was doing the lecture and about halfway through the lecture, he talked about a gentleman in Florida who was growing tomatoes with sea water. And from the little bit that he mentioned about sea water it was just like the proverbial light bulb going off in my head, and I could tell that obviously that was the way to grow food. So after the lecture I talked to him. I got the contact number for the person in Florida who raised these vegetables and he was at the time retired, but I called him. About two weeks later I flew down and met him at his house.

I went to a conference in Florida and I drove over and met him where he lived in Fort Myers. He told me he was taking his father around getting chelation therapy in the 70’s. And in the Doctor’s office he struck up a conversation with another chelation patient — anybody who’s had chelation therapy, basically you’re sitting attached to an IV bottle for three hours, so you’ve got plenty of time to talk to your neighbor and this particular man, the Florida man was currently managing a 15,000-acre farm in Western Nebraska and they struck deal and the deal was that this man who grew everything with sea water was going to trade him buffalo sausage which was made from some of their buffalo – they had a herd of 50 buffalo in their western Nebraska farm. He would trade the buffalo sausage for a book.

The book that he was sent was written by Dr. Maynard Murray and it was called Sea Energy Agriculture. When he read that book in the 70’s, he became enthralled with it because he knew that what he was using on his Nebraska farm all had skull and crossbones, it was the reason his father was so sick, it was the reason his brother had been so ill and eventually committed suicide, so he knew that it was right just like I knew when I listened to the lecture in New York. So he contacted Dr. Murray, the author and came down and visited him at his Florida test farm in Fort Myers and they had exchanged phone calls and eventually decided that he would buy this all natural sea water-based farm in Fort Myers. And that’s what he did and in 1982, he bought that small hydroponic 5-acre farm in Fort Myers and Dr. Murray continued to teach him the techniques until his death in 1983.

Basically, the Nebraska farmer, was not much of a business guy and so everything languished and not much happened with it until year 2000, which is when I met him.

Kevin: Got you.
John: But historically, I should just go back and just tell you Dr. Murray was a medical resident at Massachusetts General in Boston and he was a tremendously knowledgeable guy and a reader. He just had a thirst for knowledge and was a very good scientist and at the end of these long shifts in the hospital doing his residency, he would take a walk out on the docks just to kind of clear his head, and one day he happened upon a commercial fisherman who used to fish the Grand Banks way out in the Atlantic, and he struck up this conversation and he said to the fisherman, “Look, all day long, I deal with sick people. You know, hypertension, cancer, tumors, arterial sclerosis, you name it. What do fish get?” And the fisherman didn’t miss a beat. He said, “I’ve been fishing the Grand Banks for 40 years, I’ve never seen a sick fish.” And you know, you can imagine for him, it was a eureka moment and immediately he thought, “What is so special about their environment that they don’t get sick?”

Now, let me qualify that a little bit.
People do see sick fish coastally and you do get things that wash up that are sick, but it’s the coastal environment which is absolutely toxic and polluted that causes that and in the open ocean, there’s no such thing as a sick fish. So basically, from that moment on, he decided to embark on what became a life-long research into what is special about sea water and one of the first discoveries, really, was that sea water has all 90 natural minerals in it. You’ll get one every once in a while, you’ll run into a very knowledgeable chemist and he’ll say, “Well, the periodic chart has 92 natural elements.” Technetium, which is number 43 and promethium, which is number 61, in the first 92 natural series, have never been found on planet Earth. They can be made, they’ve hypothesized they might have been here once, and they’re definitely in the makeup of stars, but never been found here, so we just say 90 and that’s what typically is found in sea water and there’re always found in the same proportion in the same order. So the base is sodium, and then of course, all the other elements in diminishing quantity up to the 90th element. And there always like that all over the planet. And this is one of his other big contributions to the science of this, is that for whatever reason, he made these incredible relationships with the U.S. Navy, he had patrons like Mrs. Wurlitzer of the Wurlitzer organ family up in Chicago who donated money for his researches. But the Navy would bring back sea water by the railroad cars full for him to experiment with. So that’s one of the really first big discoveries that if you collect sea water in the open ocean, not near an iceberg and not near a river outflow, it will basically have the same constituencies in the same order, the same proportion, all over the world and the salinity can vary, the total content of those elements can vary slightly up and down from about 3.3 to 3.8 percent, but the contents will always be the same.

Kevin: Wow.
John: What he then did, was he started doing experiments. Well, first of all, in his summer holidays, he would sign onto fishing vessels, which gave him the opportunity to autopsy deep sea fish.
Kevin: Okay.
John: In one particular trip he was able to come across a dead whale and its infant offspring and he took pituitary gland slices and sent them back to a laboratory at LaSalle University in Chicago and he asked them to define and quantify the differences between these two samples. They came back and said there was absolutely no different. It could have been from the same animal. He said, “That’s interesting, because one of the samples came from a 60-year-old female and the other was her infant offspring.” One of the ways they determine how something has aged is (a) they can do it from the cell structure, but they can also do it from how cells replicate themselves, and when things stop replicating is basically at the end of the life of an organism. So what they were saying is that the mother, the 60-year old mother, was in as good shape as it’s infant offspring from a time clock standpoint. So basically, fish are swimming in their pharmacopeia. They live in the fountain of youth, they’re perfectly health, they live to their genetic permissions in terms of life and they’re healthy until the clock runs out and they flip over and die.
That’s the magic of sea water, if you will, and it’s completely self balancing. In south pacific there are volcanic vents where a lot of manganese comes out of the sea floor, quickly it will be precipitated out until manganese is at its target concentration, and this happens all over the world all the time.

Kevin: Now, clearly, we don’t live in water and we’re not meant to breathe water. We don’t have gills, so how does the sea water apply to us as humans? What’s the transition?
John: Well, here’s another one of his contributions that the blood of the planet, which is sea water, the blood of humans, and the blood of plants, which is chlorophyll all have the same chemical makeup. They all have the same elements. They all have them in the same proportion and the same order except that their base is different. It’s magnesium for chlorophyll, it’s sodium for sea water, and it’s iron for human blood. Now, sea water is quarter-strength human blood, elementally. So, how this is important to humans is what Dr. Murray’s next step. “Okay, look, I know these minerals are important, but I also know that humans are not good consumers or assimilators of inorganic elements.” Inorganic elements are what are in sea water and we’ll talk about that in a minute. What he did is, he used a dilute sea water solution and he foliar fed and also drenched and broadcast, anyway you can think of to irrigate, that’s how he put this out and he grew fruits and vegetables with dilute sea water. He then took those vegetables, mostly, and offered them to various plants and animals, both chickens, rats; mice, cattle and what he got were startling results. Some of those results were that you usually get several small offspring amongst the normal size ones and that’s always been associated with genetics.

Well, it’s not normal. It’s malnutrition and once you get equal nutrition to all, there’re all the same size. Chicken eggs in a species should all be the same size. Mice should all be the same size. Those animals were much healthier. He did a lot of tests that you’ll see on our website and one is they breed mice to have a certain kind of repetitive cancer and it’s a naturally occurring cancer that these mice are particularly bred to do research with. Just giving them total nutrition, which is what we do, in the form of food, they can actually outgrow and cure themselves of that genetically-engineered cancer.

Kevin: So say that again.
John: Yeah, they can actually be cured of what was a genetically-engineered cancer by giving them full nutrition. You see humans and plants and fish and animals are self-healing machines. They have an immune system that, if properly tuned up, can cure them of anything. This is one of the outcomes of his research, that if you give something full nutrition, it can live a much longer life span and you can see this research on our website, the research he did, and they can be healthy.
Kevin: It’s pretty incredible.
John: It is.

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